Translating Turkish prose into Armenian: another way of dialogue (Jam Session)

Talk show with Aron Aji, Director of MFA in Literary Translation Program at the University of Iowa (USA) and the president of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA). The talk is about literary translation, creativity of translation and its peculiarities, as well as Armenia-Turkey joint literary translation initiatives.

Aron Aji was one of the instructor of the week-long “HAH” literary translation workshop which took place in Dilijan in June 2017. The workshop brought together Armenia-based translators of Turkish with distinguished professionals of literary translation (3 instructors) and a contemporary Turkish author Birgül Oğuz. The workshop primarily focused on developing the skills of literary translators and generating the translation of novel-in-stories HAH into Eastern Armenian. Watch the media coverage of the “HAH” literary translation workshop by CivilNet via this link.

“HAH” literary translation workshop was supported by Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process Project funded by the European Union. More information about Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process (ATNP) project can be found here:


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