Eurasia Partnership Foundation recognizes that smart people with good ideas can have significant social impact, especially working at the grassroots level. The Foundation’sOpen Door Grant Program is a tool to support innovative and sometimes risky pilot projects and to test new ideas on a small scale. When projects supported through the Open Door Grant Program demonstrate success, the Foundation can help to replicate them on a larger scale or in different geographic areas.

The Foundation accepts and reviews unsolicited grant proposals on a rolling basis. Any organization registered in Armenia (or registered in another country and working in partnership with an Armenian organization) is eligible to apply. There are no deadlines for Open Door grant applications.

Required Criteria

·         Relevance to EPF’s mandate. Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) takes a bottom up, demand-driven approach in its operational programs, grant-making and technical assistance. EPF’s mission reads as follows:
To empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives.

·         Contributes to EPF’s key priorities. Our current programmatic priorities are:

o   Creating Opportunities for Civic and Economic Participation 
o   Building Capacity for Evidence-Based Research to Improve Policy-Making
o   Fostering a Culture of Corporate and Community Philanthropy 
o   Cross-Border Cooperation

Other Criteria for Selection

The following criteria are not required for selection, but are among the positive attributes EPF looks for in reviewing open door proposals. This list is meant as a guideline and is not exhaustive. Through the open door, EPF seeks to fund projects which are:

·         Replicable  – i.e. pilot projects with potential be expanded or repeated elsewhere
·         Innovative experiments, with courageous and fresh strategies
·         Likely to have a clear, identifiable and sustainable impact
·         Catalysts for larger change, or which demonstrate the ability to have a multiplier effect
·         Responsive to well-defined needs, especially local needs
·         Timely (i.e. a rapid response to current events)
·         Do not duplicate the efforts of other donors or civil society organizations with respect to geography, programmatic sphere and scope

·        Able to leverage EPF’s funds for larger impact, i.e. are submitted in partnership with another organization, or with a commitment for matching funds

The Foundation strongly encourages potential applicants to start by completing a standard inquiry form (which can be found under application forms) describing the objectives and strategy of the program. Please pay particular attention to describing the anticipated measurable impact of the proposed project. Please also be sure to describe what makes your project innovative and different from other organizations’ activities.
The Foundation reviews all inquiries received to determine whether the project has a sound strategy for addressing a well-defined need; has a reasonable likelihood of achieving measurable progress toward its goal; and falls within our mandate and present priorities. After reviewing your inquiry, Foundation staff will advise you on how best to proceed. Based on an inquiry, we may request a full proposal application package, and/or additional information about the project or your organization. 

Please download our standard inquiry form if you wish to apply. Completed inquiry forms may be submitted by email at or in hard copy to Eurasia Partnership Foundation, 56 Zarobyan St., Yerevan 0009, Armenia.

Unsolicited proposals can be submitted for Cross-Border Programs as well. EPF’s Cross Border Programs support multi-country projects implemented by partnerships of organizations from two or three countries of the South Caucasus, and/or the wider region. Please find the Cross-Border Review and Quarterly Deadlines here.

The Foundation also periodically advertizes targeted Grant Competitions. Competitions are targeted initiatives in which a project or multiple projects sharing a common programmatic theme are funded. Please check back to our website regularly for competition announcements.
Please note that EPF does not award scholarships for academic study, and as a general rule EPF does not award grants to individuals. EPF’s Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) gives out grants to fellows for social science research. For more information on the CRRC fellowship program, please see the CRRC-Armenia website.

Out of Mandate Program Activities
Certain Program Activities are absolutely out of mandate:

  • support for a particular political party (however, activities inclusive of all parties on issues like electoral processes may be possible if access is open, fair, unbiased and objective)
  • Lobbying for partisan purposes (although we may advocate for issues and legislation which bring about public and social good)
  • Religious activities (although we may support a religious organization in implementing activities which are not religious in nature and fit within our mandate)
  • Capital construction projects for commercial purposes 
  • Military projects of any kind

In general, we do not fund projects whose impact is limited to the personal gain of the implementers, i.e. individual businesses for the sake of their financial benefit. 
No developmental sector per se is out of our mandate, i.e. we may fund an ecological organization,  a gender-focused organization or a medical NGO, but only if the project activities contribute to EPF’s mission and strategic goals.
It should also be noted that at present, we are not funding any projects for:

  • Micro-credit, small business loans, start-up capital for entrepreneurs 
  • Non-applied academic research
  • Proprietary market research
  • Scholarships or travel grants for academic study
  • Medical equipment purchases