Support for Cross-Border Initiatives

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In September 2007, Eurasia Partnership Foundation provided support to seven civil society organizations and media associations to establish partnerships with Turkish counterparts and to jointly implement cross-border activities. These partnership projects support cultural and youth exchange programs as well as cross-border media projects.

Armenian-Turkish Youth Club Armenian partner: Youth Academy Non-Governmental Organization Turkish partner(s): Kutahya Youth Association and Young Guru Academy

In order to promote improved dialogue and cooperation between Armenian and Turkish youth, Eurasia Partnership Foundation is supporting the establishment of a virtual Armenian-Turkish Youth Club. The project will establish a number of jointly managed web resources including on-line forums featuring the latest regional news, as well as a quarterly on-line magazine “Club Zone.” The partners will also organize a series of joint seminars and round table discussions for youth and will initiate the establishment of a bi-lateral team of young off-shore software developers and chip designers.

Musical Bridge across the Armenia-Turkey Border Armenian partner: Komitas State Quartet Turkish partner(s): ORION Production, TDI Management, and the Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC)

In order to promote improved dialogue and cooperation between Armenia and Turkey, Eurasia Partnership Foundation is supporting a cycle of exchange concerts by the Komitas State Quartet in Armenia and the Bosporus Quartet in Turkey, as well as an exchange visit by Armenian and Turkish artists.

Photo Bridge across the Border Armenian partner: Patker Limited Liability Company Turkish partner(s): Nar Photo Agency

Eurasia Partnership Foundation is supporting the establishment of a visual art bridge of tolerance and collaboration between photographers along the border communities of Armenia and Turkey. The grantee and its partner in Turkey will arrange for a cycle of cross-border exchange trips by Turkish and Armenian photographers and will publish and distribute the photographic material produced in both print and electronic modes.

Armenia-Turkey Cross-Border Dialogue in Light of the European Integration Armenian partner: Urban Sustainable Development Foundation Turkish partner(s): Istanbul Policy Center at the Sabanci University

Eurasia Partnership Foundation is supporting a short-term, intellectually rigorous cross-border platform for youth activists from Armenia and Turkey in order to discuss issues of mutual concern. The project partners will conduct an informal survey of popular opinion in Armenia and Turkey on the European integration process and the prospects for improved Armenia-Turkey dialogue and cooperation. This process will be followed by a round table discussion between Armenian and Turkish youth, and a TV talk show on the subject hosting two political scientists from the countries.

My Beloved Brother Armenian partner: Azg Oratert Turkish partner(s): Mr. Osman Koker (Turkish scholar and publisher)

Azg will translate, publish, and distribute in Armenia a recently issued album of century-old postcards depicting different aspects of the life of the Armenian community during the Ottoman Empire. A series of public events will be organized in Armenia to publicize the album and the project.

Armenian-Turkish Team Reporting Armenian partner: Yerevan Press Club Turkish partner(s): ARI Movement

Eurasia Partnership Foundation is supporting the production of a series of analytical reports to be used by media professionals in both countries while reporting on bi-lateral Armenia-Turkey relations. The partners will also provide training for a group of eight Armenian and Turkish journalists in Istanbul and the production of a series of impartial bi-lateral investigative reports. The analytical material and the results from the investigative reports will be discussed at a two-day conference in Yerevan.

Building Linkages between Analytical Communities of Armenia and Turkey Armenian partner: Analytical Center in Globalization and Regional Cooperation Turkish partner(s): Mr. Suat Kiniklioglu, Director of the Ankara Office of the US German Marshall Fund; and Ms. Diba Nigar Goksel, Editor of the Turkish Policy Quarterly

Eurasia Partnership Foundation is supporting cross-border dialogue on issues of mutual concern including European integration and global challenges and threats. The grantee and its partners in Turkey will conduct a survey among the political and civil society elites of both countries on these issues. The results of the survey will be discussed at two consecutive conferences in Yerevan. A series of articles in Armenian newspapers, as well as two issues of the Turkish Policy Quarterly will feature articles on the research findings and the proceedings of the two conferences.