Increased Understanding of Armenia-Turkey Relations


 In 2006, Eurasia Partnership Foundation supported several research initiatives with the goal of increasing understanding among government representatives, civil society and the general public on Armenian-Turkish relations. The International Center for Human Development (ICHD) in Yerevan carried out an assessment of best practices in Armenian-Turkish Track Two Diplomacy Projects. EPF also provided support to the Armenian International Policy Research Group (AIPRG) to conduct two research projects examining the distributional consequences of a border opening on the Armenian and Turkish economies and the capacities of local government authorities to respond to a border opening.

The results of these studies were presented at an international conference in Yerevan in early 2007 and at round table discussions on Track Two Diplomacy in Armenia’s regions, Yerevan, Ankara and Istanbul. Each round table discussion was used to disseminate the results of the research on Armenia-Turkey relations to a broader audience; to identify possible areas of cross-border cooperation between civil society, media organizations and local government; and to shape EPF’s program approach in this area.