EPF Armenia Northern Branch



Northern Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (NB EPF) was opened in Ijevan. July 2013

Northen Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation works to empower people in Tavush, Shirak and Lori regions of Armenia to affect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives.
The NB EPF hosts Ijevan InfoTun Project.

Youth Bank project kick-off Meeting was held in Ijevan. 23rd of August, 2013

Youth Bank is designed to encourage young people to address important issues in their communities. EPF has formed nine Youth Bank committees in eight regions of Armenia including Dilijan, Aparan, Goris, Ararat, Gyumri, Armavir, Martuni, Vanadzor, Yeghegnadzor, Kotayq and in Yerevan. Ijevan Youth Bank is the 12 th one. With guidance and support from EPF, Youth Bank committees consisting of five to seven young adults aged 16 to 25 manage a pool of small grants ranging from $300-500 each for youth-led community development projects.

Youth Bank Ijevan is hosted by Northern Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

English Club

Since 19th of October, 2013 NB EPF/Ijevan InfoTun is organnizing free community English clubs. We meet each Saturday at 15:00 at NB EPF/ Ijevan InfoTun office.

The club is a very unique in its format compared to other English Clubs in Ijevan. We use interactive methods to improve our language skills and we discuss current socio-economic issues in English. We have watch and discuss documental movies. Club participants are actively take part not only as learners but also as club organizers, which means they choose the topic, develop the activities and run the club. Since October 2014 the club is coordinated and run by two students from Ijevan Branch of Yerevan State University.

Participants should be older than 15.

Mardamej Innovative Laboratory

In November 2013 NB EPF/ Ijevan InfoTun sent an open call for community development project ideas. The aim of the project was to help information dissemination and develop innovative solutions in the field of education in Tavush Marz. The call was open to people above The ideas were evaluated according to the effectiveness of the solutions and efficiency standards by a invited professional jury. The winning three ideas, Tavush Youth Tour, i-Tavush, and received financial support. The philosophy of the competition was to use the online world for offline changes. “Mardamej” brings together people, ideas and digital technology to create online innovations. Ijevan InfoTun is a branch of nationwide “InfoHouse” information center network. The Center’s goal is to promote the dissemination of information and media literacy in the Armenia’s regions. The centers conduct training for Internet literacy, documentary screenings, discussions and advice for the community.

Infotun is supported by the US Agency for International Development in the frame of “Alternative Resources in Media” program.

International Human Rights Training 2013 December

The International Human Rights Course was held at NB EPF/Ijevan InfoTun on December 11, 2013. This course aimed to develop a culture of human rights in Armenia. The training was based on the methodology of an International Centre for Human Rights Education in Canada EQUITAS. The participant has the main role in this method.

During the training, participants were introduced to the methodology, and with some other concept definitions including “Expert Training”, “Learning spiral” “Human rights culture”, “Fundamental principles of human rights”, about the role of the learners and activists in the field of Human Rights.

The participants were also introduced with the European Convention on Human Right and European Court of Human Rights located in Strasbourg. The course was very interactive. There were different games, discussions, group work, questions and answers. The training was conducted by Armavir Development center together with Northern Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation/Ijevan InfoTun.

Student Ambassador Programme January 22-October 20, 2014

Since January 2014, NB EPF/ Ijevan InfoTun is hosted on courses on TOEFL® iBT in the framework of the Student Ambassador Programme organized by EducationUSA Armenia.

Meeting of the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Mr. Traian Hristea along with the NGOs and local media of Tavush Marz.

On March 28th, 2014 Northern Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation/Ijevan InfoTun organized a meeting of the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Mr. Traian Hristea along with the NGOs and local media of Tavush Marz. During the meeting Mr. Traian Hristea spoke about the activities of the EU as well as learned about the problems of the NGOs and the challenges of the media representatives.

The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of Lithuania Erikas Petrikas, Greek Ambassador Ioannis Tayise, Martina Kouik d’Affaires of the Kingdom of Sweden, the EU Delegation Press and Information Officer Anahit Nazaryan and by delegation staff member . Ben Kenarde.

“Musicians without borders” youth Exchange program. September 1-9, 2014

Five young musicians took part in the Youth Exchange program titled “Musicians without Borders,” which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia. The project was hosted by the European Students’ Forum, NGO.

Thirry musicians came from Eastern Partnership countries including Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Youth in Action Program countries including Hungry, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

The program aimed to promote peace in the world with the help of music.

On April 3rd "Tavush Youth Tour" youth program was launched in Ijevan.

The project was inaugurated with a field trip to the wine and brandy factory of Ijevan. High school students from Ijevan and the village of Haghartsin, volunteers from the Northern Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation/Ijevan InfoTun and Progress NGO, beneficiaries from SOS children’s village Ijevan and few students from Ijevan Branch of YSU visited the factory. One of the premier business in Ijevan. One slogan “Let’s recognize our region” captured the essence of the event.

The project aims to bring together young people aged 15-20 to enable them to identify with their province including the production in the Marz, making new friends in their daily routine, and implementing new initiatives to make their lives more interesting and meaningful. We opened a Facebook page to cover each activity organized in the frame of Tavush Youth tour program. All those who want to join the program may follow us there or visit Ijevan InfoTun. “Tavush Youth Tour” program, author David Khachatryan at Ijevan High School, was financed by Mardamej Innovative Laboratory implemented by the Northern Branch of Eurasia Partnership Fundation.

Seminar on Crowd funding skills.

2014 May 16th
The Board member of the U.S. Alumni Association of Armenia Ruben Mirakyan and Executive Director Khachik Gevorgyan talked about the crowd funding at the Northern Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation/Ijevan InfoTun.

During the meeting, attendees were introduced to a couple of online fundraising platforms, fundraising design skills, and the importance of the use of visual expression as well as the ways of establishing contacts with potential donors.

Discussion “Sometimes we are all minority”

On May 27, 2014 a meeting was held about the children’s advocacy of ethnic and religious minorities. “Sometimes we are all minority” was the slogan of the meeting.

Young people, students, schoolchildren, history teachers of Armenian Church, NGO representatives, national and religious minority representatives attended the meeting.

“UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process” meeting with NGOs of Tavush region.

On June 27, 2014 a number of non-governmental organizations met the UN office representative Marine Malkhasian at Northern Branch of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

The meeting aimed to raise awareness of NGOs in the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, and explain how the NGOs can be involved in that process.

“Our goal is to help non-governmental organizations based in regions be aware of this process and follow whether the state carries out its duties. We advise you to be active and join non-governmental organizations involved in the process or develop separate reports, conduct mapping of the taken responsibilities of the state and set priorities,” said M. Malkhasyan.

The UPR is one of the UN’s human rights mechanisms, where the civil society may have a significant role. It is a unique process, which includes all 192 UN member states for human rights monitoring once every four months.

Study visit to Ijevan’s Karart extraction and processing of natural stones factory

August 8, 2014
“Tavush Youth Tour ” youth program organized a familiarization visit to Ijevan’s Karart extraction and processing of natural stone factory.
Participants included NB EPF/Ijevan InfoTun and Progress NGO’s volunteers, Ijevan high school and high school students from Haghartsin village, students from Ijevan Bridge of YSU, and Bridge Hope Ijevan NGO’s beneficiaries. Participants learned about the process of natural stone processing and the types of stones being produced. They were also invited to visit the small museum of the findings located at the factory.

Local Government services – presentation by

On August 26, 2014

NB EPF hosted an event organized by on the services provided by Local Governments. ’s presentation was followed by the website presentation created in the frame of Mardamej Social Innovation camp with an aim to Identify and solve the problems of Ijevan.

Funding crowds –promotion of Crowdfunding project September 16. 2014.

In the frames of Funding Crowds project, the USAAA team met with several people at NB EPF/Ijevan InfoTun. The USAAA Executive Director K. Gevorgyan and Regional Project coordinator A. Shagafyan presented their new project and advised the attendees on their project ideas.